Sailing in Croatia, Torns in Kroatien, Crociera nell Adriatico Croato, Voile en Croatie, Segling i Kroatien, Plovba na Hrvaškem, Мореплавание в Хорватии and Żeglowanie w Chorwacji – were created with the intent to provide help and advice while sailing the Croatian Adriatic and guide visitors around its islands and bays, from Savudrija to Dubrovnik.
When we first published such a publication eighteen years ago, we received a lot of positive feedback from sailors. They were glad to have reliable information about sailing and an insight into how people live on the Croatian Adriatic coast. The articles and information in this booklet have been carefully selected and are the result of our editorial team’s many years of experience sailing the Adriatic and engaging in all aspects of nautical journalism. We have tried to supply all the vital information you will need while sailing, as well as offer suggestions about destinations, what to see and what to discover for yourselves.
05lavoila201604segling2016In Sailing in Croatia, and editions in other languages, we have tried to do two things at the same time: describe the Croatian Adriatic coastline and help you understand the way of life of the inhabitants, while providing you with all the information you need while at sea. So you will find two types of articles in this booklet,  in which the people who feature are just as important as details about safe anchorages, harbours or sailing safety in general.
But let’s begin at the beginning. The first article introduces you to regulations concerning sailing in Croatia, including safety regulations, meteorological information, entering and leaving Croatian territorial waters, taxes, licences, how to hire a boat, berthing and anchoring fees, duties and rights of harbour authorities, radio traffic, harbour etiquette, sailing near beaches, diving and fishing.  To add more interest to your journey, there are some travelogue type articles dedicated to individual areas or islands. Finally, our gourmet team charts the Gourmet Cruise, a special project through which we have been tracking down the best chefs offering traditional food on the Croatian Adriatic for many years. You can discover the favourites of the new season.
In the second part of this publication we have compiled a list of what’s new in marinas and harbours on the Croatian, Slovenian and Montenegrin coasts, where you can find engineers specialising in marine repairs, ship’s electronics specialists and yachting suppliers – the sort of information you may need when you least expect it. We have updated their addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and websites so you can have them all in one place and to hand. For those interested in chartering, there is a complete list of all charter companies operating in Croatia.
We hope this booklet will help you discover the charms, idiosyncrasies and hidden corners of the Croatian coastline.
It can be found on the exhibition stands of More Magazine and the Croatian Tourist Board at boat fairs in various European countries, in marinas on the east coast of the Adriatic and in many charter companies.  The publication is distributed free of charge. However, if you would like to receive one or more copies at your home address, we ask you to cover postage.
Sailing in Croatia 2017 and other editions are also available on tablets and smartphones running iOS and Android operating systems. The electronic version za iOs operativni sustav has considerably more content than the printed version, with more pages, enhanced by photo galleries, information boxes and background texts.