Seafaring 1

The concept of the modern motor yacht was developed as a response to the need for a vessel that offers a minimal impact on the environment and very low operating costs, but at the same time provides high efficiency and comfort, and the ability to endure long trips across the open sea.
This is why great efforts were made to create a superb shape of the hull, based on the shape of sailboats, which provides minimal resistance during navigation. The engineering and technological parts of the design use all the latest technological achievements, resulting in a very light (7500 kg) and very strong structure. In addition, the designers achieved a high level of seakeeping and safety (Category A), comfort and range, comparable to the one of much larger and more expensive yachts, but with the ease of use and lower cost of smaller vessels.
The first 44-foot model was already tested at sea last month and is currently being finalized. It achieved the desired fuel consumption of 10 liters per hour at a speed of 10 knots, only one liter per nautical mile, which is an incredible accomplishment! With its engine of up to 400 hp, a fuel tank of 1750 liters, solar panels on the roof and great storage space, the Seafaring 44 allows for a great amount of freedom while cruising. An option to install a hybrid drive is also planned.
Three different versions will be offered, Trawler, Coupe and Flybridge, all three of them characterized by carefully thought-out layouts with maximum utilization of space.

Seafaring 2