According to predictions of the global cruise industry association – Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), the global cruise ship fleet will host around 24 million passengers this year, a million more than in 2015.
Furthermore, 27 new cruise ships will be delivered this year, in addition to the existing 471 ships in the fleet, including river cruise ships. All in all, the increase in the number of passengers on luxury cruise ships is impressive: in 1980 1.4 million passengers sailed on luxury cruises, in 2006 the number of passengers was 15 million, and in 2010 the number increased again to 20 million. According to some research, the number of passengers on luxury cruise ships will reach 30 million by 2020.

Today, this is a huge global corporate enterprise. Despite the fact that the luxury cruise businesses are spread around the world, the market leaders are still mega-companies from North America, such as Royal Caribbean Cruise Line and Disney Cruise Line International, both based in Florida. It is therefore expected that 41% of the world’s cruise ship fleet will be deployed to Caribbean destinations this year. Around 22% of the ships will be deployed in the Mediterranean, only then followed by Mexico and Northern Europe with around 7%, and Asia/Pacific and Alaska with about 6% of the ships.