Next autumn, after  Biograd Boat Show finishes, work on replacing five piers in the remaining part of the marina will continue so that the 2017 season will be welcomed with brand new piers. Marina Ilirija, which has 800 berths, is one of the largest marinas on the Adriatic. It was built thirty years ago using a system of concrete piers on stilts and then expanded and renovated several times.
The passage of time has left its mark and piers had to be restored. It was estimated that the best solution would be the removal of the existing piers and installation of new, floating ones with an anchoring system, equipped with all the necessary equipment. This method of reconstruction allows better utilization of the marina area and mooring of larger vessels than ever before. Work was entrusted to the Marinetek NCP company from Šibenik and its total value is 2.15 million EUR.
But with marina Kornati being completely full and being, in addition to that, the organizer of numerous regattas that last until early November, the organization of construction work was extremely complex because its execution was not allowed to interfere in any way with regular activities. In addition to that, everything had to be conducted during the most unfavorable time of the year. It was done in a way so that piers were freed one at a time, removed, and then new pontoons with an anchoring system were put in their place, to which yachts were tied immediately after completion. Removing the old piers was done by the BSK Commerce company from Rijeka, specialized in demanding naval construction work, which posesses rich experience, equipment and machinery for the job. The demolition was by carried out by a crane from a floating barge, which was located between other piers, i.e. between  a number of ships at berths.
The pontoons are anchored using a standard system with chains and a new Mediterranean mooring system was installed for the yachts. A fire protection system, a new electricity utility and a water supply network with stainless steel service lockers, produced by a local company Marex elektrostroj, were installed on pontoons. The first phase was carried out using 400 meters of M2700HD pontoons and another 525 meters of M4300HD and M3300HD pontoons will be docked during the fall. These are high-quality pontoons with which Marinetek equips many of our Mediterranean marinas.