In addition to the sixty berths for large yachts in Marina Trogir, which were finished last autumn, the construction work on the breakwater in Makarska and the marina in Slano is almost over, while the construction work in Marina Muroskva in Novi Vinodolski is in full swing. These are all high quality, as well as beautiful, projects.

The new breakwater in Makarska looks truly glorious these days, full of strollers who are enjoying the sunny days. Four and a half years after the construction work began, there are still some small details which need to be fixed, such as moorings which have to be placed and two pontoons which need to be anchored in the leeway. After that, the only remaining thing is passing all the necessary inspections, meaning that the first boats could be moored there very soon. After all the construction work is finalized the part of Makarska harbour in front of Marineta will turn to a true little marina.



We also visited the construction sites of two new marinas, Muroskva in Novi Vinodolski and Veljko Barbieri in Slano. The construction work in both of them is at the peak of its activity. The major construction work is almost finished in Novi Vinodolski, while in Slano they still need to finalize the outdoor spaces and interiors of buildings. Marina Slano will surely be open before the nautical season starts, while the first boats in Muroskva are expected during the summer.