The best known guide for sailing the eastern coast of the Adriatic, intended for crews coming from the United Kingdom, the United States and all around the English-speaking world. We have been publishing it since 2006.


The most comprehensive edition for foreign yachtsmen is intended for German and Austrian sailing enthusiasts, and all other German speaking yachtsmen. It has been published since 1999 and was our first publication in a foreign language.


This edition is intended for our closest neighbors on the Adriatic, who usually sail along the coast of Croatia and are generally very familiar with it. Nevertheless, they certainly benefit from the Slovenian edition, Plovba, first published in 2007.


This is the only publication for Russian yachtsmen in Croatia, written in their own language and used by many of them to get to know the Adriatic better. We prepared it for the first time in 2011 and published it every year since then.
The 2016 edition has 132 pages, 91 photos and 124 maps.


The increase in the number of Polish yachtsmen on the eastern coast of the Adriatic motivated us to help them out during navigation with this Polish edition, in which they can find all the information they need to make their cruise more interesting. Published since 2014.


A supplement of More Magazin, published once a year since 1999. It includes all the essential information needed for safe and pleasant sailing on the Adriatic, both for boat owners and for charter clients.