It was worth the wait. That is how we would roughly summarize our first encounter with the latest “Lady” coming from the famous Leidi shipyard in Pula, the 660 model. We met her in late September at the fair in Rijeka, after we waited since the beginning of the spring, because she failed to be there at our first scheduled meeting thanks to equipment suppliers who failed the meet the promised delivery deadline. Then summer came and the first two completed models were immediately delivered to their impatient owners who wanted to set sail as soon as possible. But, as the saying goes, third time’s a charm, and the third completed Leidi 660 model finally reached us.
The first impression we had, after seeing Leidi 660 bobbing up and down at the Karolina Riječka pier, was that the little Lady was “getting serious”, if we remember that the basis for its development was Leidi 600. Just to be clear, this does not mean that we consider Leidi 600 to be “frivolous”, supported by the fact that it is still produced by the shipyard, and the new model can’t be considered to be only a “redesigned and refined” version of Leidi 600. According to its size, Leidi 660 is positioned in between the two other models, and their “DNA” is, of course, clearly visible, above all in its outward appearance. However, this boat is still sufficiently autonomous, with its specific characteristics and qualities.
The recognisability of the design and the affiliation with the Leidi brand is therefore beyond doubt, but its lines are much softer and more modern, following the example of the larger 800 model. The Leidi 660 still has a certain, slightly lesser, degree of the traditional retro touch, accentuated by the vertical bow stem and a deck line that rises slightly toward the bow. It looks great in two-tone combinations, especially the two cream shades that practically became the trademark of this shipyard and are ordered frequently. It is interesting that the left and right side of the boat are asymmetric, since the right side has two round windows instead of one, revealing that the boat has a separate toilet compartment.