In addition, the implementation of the Plan will contribute to sustainable financing of the local community and will give the visitors an opportunity to be part of the coexistence of man and nature on Lastovo. The objectives of the Plan are to improve the tourist infrastructure, to contribute to the establishment of efficient waste management and wastewater disposal systems, to increase the visibility of the islands as protected areas and ecotourism destinations, and to improve the programs and facilities offered to tourists.
“Lastovo will make a step forward with its new promotional materials and activities for tourists, ranging from educational trekking and biking trails, a board showing the star constellations on the night sky of Lastovo, a tourist map, promotional videos, Lastovo cookbooks and similar promotional tools, all in accordance with the principles of sustainable tourism.” said Jelena Matoković, an Associate of the Lastovo Islands Nature Park, at the presentation of the Plan.
The inhabitants of Lastovo also invested resources in the local camp, where they installed solar panels, leading to greater efficiency and preservation of energy.
The development of the Sustainable Tourism Plan was led by the Sunce Association from Split, the Lastovo Islands Nature Park and other partners, as a part of the project “Together for nature and the environment”, supported by the SEAMED project and the EU. “The Plan is managed by the Cooperative Council of the Lastovo Islands Nature Park, composed of representatives of the local community. The Council was formed in order to develop the Plan with greater involvement of the local community, which is one of the preconditions for its successful implementation.” said Gabrijela Medunić-Orlić from the Sunce Association.