This unusual description of the new series, which will be called GT (Gran T), reveals that these are fast sailboats intended for long cruises. This is confirmed by the fact that the hull was adopted from performance series boats, but a slightly elevated upper cabin, which hides the novel interior plan with an emphasis on more comfortable and luxurious cruising, was added to the deck, in the style of deck-saloon sailboats. All the ropes in the roomy and comfortable cockpit reach the steering position, giving the crew a significantly increased sense of security.

After years of design and development, Elan presented a newly developed concept in boat design. Namely, the GT series adopts the best features of the design and construction technology of the prize-winning E and S performance series, and combines it with the advantages of larger deck-saloon sailboats, resulting in a very elegant sport cruiser. The GT series sailboats will be highly luxurious vessels with excellent sailing capabilities and the ability to cover many miles on the open sea, at the same time offering safe and simple operation for crews with a limited number of members.

When talking about technical characteristics, we must mention the double rudders, which are more effective for wider and flatter hull shapes, especially at high degrees of heel, and provide a sense of control and better directional stability, and at the same time reduce the possibility of uncontrolled turns when sailing downwind in large waves. These are two completely independent steering systems, which eliminates the need for an addition helm. The T-shaped keel has a very low centre of gravity, which enables the boat to have a large sail surface area and thus higher propulsion power. At the same time, the keel has a smaller surface area, meaning that there is less resistance, while the torque correction is higher, resulting in greater speed and stability of vessels, easier handling, and better sensitivity and higher precision while sailing.

The hull also has pronounced chines, which increase stability when sailing upwind and when “struggling” with waves, improving the control of the boat while sailing at high speeds, especially downwind. They achieve an optimal underwater hull shape at higher degrees of heel, with a small wetted surface area, which reduces resistance and prevents uncontrolled turns, since they function like a long keel. Equally important is the fact that they increase the volume of the hull, which, in addition to the large width of the boat, results in the increase of the amount of usable space in the interior and on the deck.

Humphreys Yacht Design studio, a longtime partner of Elan, can be credited with such a sophisticated hull shape, as well as with the interior, which is completely dedicated to cruising. By moving the kitchen towards the bow, the salon became the biggest in this class of sailboats, and at the same time more luxurious, and the kitchen also became more comfortable. Large storage spaces, innovative design solutions and a bright interior, along with numerous other new possibilities, will give an entirely new dimension to long cruises. More technical details are expected soon.