The waterfronts are built, the waters dredged, the stream regulated, poontoons anchored, reception, restaurant and sanitary facilities are structurally complete. The marina is starting to resemble the vision of its designers more and more each day,  looking increasingly like the final version that will greet the first yachtsmen at the start of the nautical season.  ACI Marina Slano will be capable of accommodating 200 vessels between 11 and 25 metres in length, and will offer all the necessary land facilities, such as restaurants, cafes, stores, a swimming pool, sanitary facilities and a parking lot.  This marina is located in the beautiful waters of the South Adriatic, and is in the immediate vicinity of the Elafiti Islands, the Pelješac penninsula and the island of Mljet. All the yachtsmen who sail into the Croatian waters from the Mediterranean will gravitate towards Slano, in addition to boat and yacht owners who will decide to have a permanent berth there. The new marina will unburden the nearby ACI marina in Komolac, where it is frequently impossible to find a free berth during the summer crowds. The two marinas will complement each other, since the yachtsmen from Slano will be able to use the travel lift and dry dock facilities in Komolac during the winter. Furthermore, Slano will be an interesting transit port for all those yachtsmen who sail from Central Dalmatia towards the south, but previously freaquently used to end their cruise either in Korčula or on the northwestern shores of Mljet because of the shortage of berths in the Dubrovnik area. It will also be suitable for one-way charter from Split, already offered by Nautika Centar Nava. ACI already started a strong promotional campaign whose aim is the popularization of the marina and the Dubrovnik area in general, and one of the major promotions was held during the boat fair in Düsseldorf. A great advantage offered to yachtsmen who decide to moor in Slano is that they will get to stay at the marina for the second day for free. This will give them the opportunity to use this pretty harbour as a starting point for a trip to Dubrovnik, but also to use the additional day to visit Ston and Mali Ston, exceptionally interesting, lively and culturally rich, although much less frequented towns.