Of all the tourism sectors, yacht chartering is in the most favourable position, precisely because of the structure and profile of its guests and because of the escalation of terrorism in even the most respectable tourist destinations.
Tourism experts say that the perception of potential travellers changed after the recent terror attacks in Paris, Tunisia, Sharm el-Sheikh and Istanbul, discouraging them from “unnecessary” tourism travel and urging them to stay at home in a safe environment. Those who do decide in favour of travel, recreation and vacationing, and there will always be such people, will usually choose closer destinations and thereby avoid traveling by means of mass transportation, such as railways or airplanes. Average tourists will prefer to travel by their own car to closer destinations, from which they can return home on their own in less than a day, without taking any risks in case of possible security threats.
Doesn’t this sound like a part of the profile of a typical charter guest? Furthermore, average tourists will less frequently visit places of mass gathering because of security reasons. It is clear that the most famous landmarks and large public events are the most vulnerable, and therefore most desirable, terrorist targets. This is why mass gatherings will be avoided, causing a drop in the number of visitors to major tourist destinations and the most renowned sights.
However, these are not things that interest charter guests anyway, and will not deter them from their trip. They usually arrive at their destination with all the necessary provisions and can’t wait to get through check-in and sail away in peace and solitude. Yachtsmen are interested only in sailing, a more or less quiet bay, and possibly a tasty dinner in a good restaurant not oriented toward the average tourist clientele. So, will the number of yachtsmen visiting Croatia increase or decrease this year? Although tourism trends are in general sensitive to extreme political and social behaviours, we believe that the logic of nautical tourism will make the answer to this question be – more guests! This is confirmed by the number of bookings so far this year. The poor security conditions in some Mediterranean destinations, such as Greece and Turkey, which made some companies pull their fleets out of these countries, will contribute to the increase in the number of charter guests in Croatia.