Sailing Suggestions

Four deep bays, three ports—Dubrovnik, Cavtat and Ston, the islands of Olipa, Jakljan, Šipan, Lopud, Koločep and Lokrum, and some of the smaller Elaphiti Islands, Hridi Grebeni, Mrkan, Bobara and Supetar in Župa Bay are all steeped in a mystical deep blue and the spirit of the Republic.


A wooden boat represents craftsmanship, culture and traditional customs. This is what Dieter Schellenberg reminded us of by building his family leut in Betina. The boat launching ceremony, which they were waiting for for almost two years, marks the end of work and the beginning of pleasure.


The restaurant owners from Mali Ston started the adventure of conquering the highest peaks of Japanese gastronomy, and managed to preserve their culinary traditions at the same time. Not only did they succeed in their endeavour, but they also managed to give it a local touch at the same time.

Fisherman's Menu

The fishermen used to dry the fish they had at hand: sometimes small pickarels, sometimes bogues or mackerels, and sometimes grey mullets, congers, forkbeards, skates, European hakes, merlings, piper gurnards, catsharks, sharks, rays or octopuses. On Good Friday we usually fasted with dried conger brodetto.